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Face of the world II

They come from Bhutan and Burma, Chad and Congo, Togo and Thailand, Sri Lanka and Somalia, Nepal and Ethiopia. Thousands of families – mothers and wives, fathers and sons, infants and aging elders fleeing war, poverty, ethnic violence, human trafficking, and natural disasters. Some were Americans who found themselves homeless due to fractured families, natural disaster and economic collapse. The Center for Disaster and Displacement Services (CDDS, Inc.) was born out of the founders’ volunteer work with refugees and other displaced populations in the Denver Metro area.

Extensive work with over 300 refugees and other displaced families, such as those living as far as Nagaland, India provided greater insight into a continuum of issues confronting displaced populations. CDDS is designed to respond to causes of displacement, and to mitigate risks, challenges, and pervasive suffering perpetuated by disaster and displacement. The organization sees natural and man-made disasters as the leading cause of displacement around the world and a major conduit for human trafficking.

The organization’s recent efforts included providing  focusing on areas where issues of human trafficking and displacement, i.e. disaster victims, refugees and motel-kids (homelessness impacting school-age children) are prevalent. In addition, through collaboration with local community organizations in Nagaland, India the organization has already begun developing one of its international offices to address issues of displacement and human trafficking in that region. Our other regional headquarters and offices are currently in development, beginning with those identified as regional headquarters. The cities and countries identified as places of future operations are listed below.

This organization employs a “blue ocean strategy” to minimize duplication and competition. We are committed to responding to and providing recovery from disaster, displacement globally. Our goal is to restore health and dignity to communities fractured by disaster and displacement.  Visit “What we Do” page for additional information. Future locations are outlined below.

Regional Divisions of CDDS, Inc.


Western RegionCentral RegionSouthern Region
Denver, Colorado (West Regional Headquarters) Colorado Springs, Colorado Boulder, Colorado Grand Junction, Colorado Las Vegas, Nevada Reno, Nevada Sacramento, California Los Angeles, California Oakland, California Seattle, Washington Vancouver, Washington Portland, Oregon Phoenix, Arizona Santa Fe, New Mexico Dallas/Ft. Worth, Texas Austin, Texas Houston, Texas
Kansas City, Missouri (Central Region Headquarters) Topeka, Kansas Minneapolis St. Paul, Minnesota Chicago, Illinois Milwaukee, Wisconsin Little Rock, Arkansas Indianapolis, Indiana St. Louis, Missouri Detroit, Michigan
Chattanooga, Tennessee (Southern Regional Headquarters) Nashville, Tennessee Memphis, Tennessee Knoxville, Tennessee Atlanta, Georgia New Orleans, Louisiana Tallahassee, Florida Tampa, Florida
Eastern RegionInternational
Wilmington, Delaware (Headquarters) Washington DC Baltimore, Maryland Newark, New Jersey Philadelphia, Pennsylvania New Haven, Connecticut Hartford, Connecticut Stamford, Connecticut Freeport, New York Boston, Massachusetts Richmond, Virginia
India Bagladesh Nepal Thailand Philippines Sri Lanka New Zealand Malaysia Japan Sudan Kenya Romania Ecuador Peru Chile Australia Argentina Haiti

Board of Directors

Dr. E. D. Allen

Florence Yaeger

Sharon VanZant

Alexa Chaing, JD

Dr. Anne. Dondapati Allen

W. S. Nesbitt

Dr. D. S. Satyaranjan

Dr. Darrell Wesley