As a nonprofit organization we are cognizant that we live in an epoch indexed by measured results. We pledge to provide ongoing impetus, refining our understanding of the voluminous measurements of accountability, transparency and productivity.

Subsequently, we strive diligently to build organization, infrastructure and networks that increases our ability to deliver measured outcome. Mission achievement is our bottom line.

In order to achieve mission, we endeavor to build a strong organization that harness the capacity to sustain effective programs with built in accountability mechanisms. Funds raised are channeled to mission programs and services, including those expenses necessary to develop and maintain them.

This organization maintains policies for conflict of interest, executive compensation, document retention and destruction and a whistle blower policy, all of which are available upon request. We are committed to following the guidelines proposed by the Internal Revenue Service, as well as the recommendations and suggestions made by the Charity Navigator and the National Council of Nonprofits.

We value our supporters and pledge to use the resources entrusted to us in a transparent and effective manner. We measure our effectiveness as an organization in four critical areas:

Leadership Adaptive Capacity   Management  Technical Capacity


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