Project Philosophy


Like any nonprofit, the Center for Disaster & Displacement Services develop projects, programs and services in concert with our stated mission and overall purpose in the global community. Like other organizations, these projects and programs are not always understood by everyone as it relates to goals and outcomes.

Projects and programs require ongoing support, e.g., money, amenities, clientele, staff and volunteers. We try to design and implement projects and programs that are relative to our mission, effective in the community and that have tangibles contributing to outcome-based evaluations. Our project development involves board members, consultants and clients whenever possible. In addition, we collaborate with other organizations when it is feasible and effective.

Developing effective projects, programs or services takes time and raising funds for them may take even more. Subsequently, the organization may appear to be idle at times, when, in fact, strategic planning and fund-raising is in progress. We use research and development as a way to identify best practices, understand the needs of the population we seek to serve and maintain constituent-value alignment.

This process gives donors and benefactors alike a voice in the development process. We look forward to your support and pledge to do our best in responding to and facilitating recovery from disaster and displacement.

E.D. Allen, PhD.