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Website/Blog  Purpose

All posted materials of any kind posted on our site by any user are for sharing and exchanging of information or for educational purpose only. Our goal for this site is to use its content and blog to facilitate communications and lift awareness about various humanitarian issues around the world.  We may remove any content that do not meet these purposes at any time.

Personal Information (Privacy)

CDDS does not collect personal information, such as the name, mailing address, e-mail address, and other information of any person who visits or uses our site, unless such information is voluntarily provided to us for making an online donation or subscribing to announcements and other information about our organization. In such cases, CDDS will only use the personal information for the purpose for which it was disclosed. We do not license or sell any personal information we receive to any third parties.

CDDS’s Rights and Liabilities

The use of our websites is at your own risk.  By using our websites, you agree  to defend, indemnify and hold harmless CDDS, Inc., its employees from any claims by any third party against us, including all damages and liabilities incurred due to your use of our website and the information on our site, or the content you posted on our blog.

CDDS reserves the right to alter, limit or  discontinue its websites without notice, as well as  the right to deny, at its sole discretion, any user access to its websites or any portion thereof without notice.



All advice, opinions, statements or quotes posted on this website/Blog by any person are strictly the opinions and representations by the person posting the content. Opinions and advice posted on our site do not represent the opinions and advice of CDDS nor are they endorsed by CDDS. CDDS does not make any guaranty as to the accuracy, authenticity or reliability of any information or data posted by any user on our blog.

As a nonprofit organization, CDDS, Inc.  does not endorse political campaigns or individual politicians. Any comments or statements posted by any user in support of any political campaign, person, or party shall not under any circumstances be deemed as support or endorsement by CDDS, and CDDS expressly disclaims any such endorsement. CDDS may remove any political content without prior notice as it deems necessary.


Copyright and Permissions

Unless otherwise stated, CDDS owns or has rights to all copyrights and any other intellectual property rights relating to the content and materials on this site. The content on this site may be viewed, downloaded, and printed for personal, non-commercial use only. Sale, resale. distribution, redistribute or creation of derivative works from our website content is prohibited. Use of any trademarked or copyrighted information of CDDS for non-personal use requires the explicit prior written permission of CDDS, Inc.


CDDS Logo: To request permission to use CDDS’s logo, photos, images, videos, or other content and materials, please contact us at IT@cddshq.org or via mail at Center for Disaster & Displacement Services, Inc., P.O. Box 102996 Denver, Colorado 80205.  For use of third party logos please contact those entities or person(s).



Although CDDS works diligently to prevent and ensure the information and materials on our website is free of any software virus, we cannot guarantee that the materials/information are 100% free from any or all software viruses or issues.

CDDS takes continuous security measures to minimize or eliminate threats by implementing encryption and/or authentication tools in order to protect our website and its users.  However, CDDS cannot guarantee that unauthorized third parties or hackers will never breach security measures in place.

Electronic communication

While CDDS attempts to respond to e-mail messages we receive, we are under no obligation to respond in a specified time frame or to respond to any such messages.

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