What we do



Mission  Statement: CDDS, Inc. facilitates recovery from disaster and displacement, by providing mass care, emergency assistance, human services, disaster research and human security to prevent victims of disaster and displacement from human trafficking globally.

The mission of the Center for Disaster and Displacement Services is to assist individuals and families in the United States and abroad in their recovery from disaster and displacement by:

  • Mass Care -sheltering, feeding operations, bulk distribution of emergency supplies, providing victim information to family.
  • Emergency Assistance -evacuation support, which includes registration and tracking of evacuees, reunification of families, special aid and services for special needs populations and the elderly.
  • Human services –disaster psychology or counseling, food assistance beyond the scope of mass care services, household replacement program, human trafficking prevention services for women and children.
  • Services for Displaced Populations – additional resources for communities with an influx of displaced individuals and families. Services include basic necessities, shelter and protection.

*  Availability of services is predicated on appropriate funding, staff and volunteers.

Organizational Focus/Vision

  • To reduce the threat to and loss of life and property caused by disasters;
  • To  expedite disaster recovery and minimize the length of displacement by implementing  strategic approaches to the displacement matrix, i.e., (disintegration, disease, homelessness, hunger, economic collapse);
  • To alleviate human suffering caused by disaster and experienced during displacement; this includes addressing  anxiety, trauma and other psychological damages;
  • To protect women and children from sexual assault and human trafficking immediately following and throughout disaster recovery phases;
  • Assist in the prevention of human-trafficking of displaced people by identifying vulnerable individuals and groups; prevent susceptibility by addressing precipitating conditions; educate communities about the issue of human-trafficking; collaborate with other organizations to strengthen the fight against human trafficking;
  • Promote and facilitate opportunities for higher education for refugees and other displaced populations living in the United States;
  • Identify and promote constituent or donor values; establish value-alignment and provide venues for open communication and participation;
  • Collaborate with  governments and NGOs (where applicable and allowed) preserving life and wellness during periods of crisis or disaster.