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Our Disaster Response Team (DRT) is committed to the preservation of life and well-being through disaster-preparedness, response and recovery management globally. In this context, DRT operates in concert with national and international disaster response and recovery frameworks. Our goal is to offer rapid situation assessment, prioritize response activities for lifesaving needs and help restore quality of life, health and opportunity lost due to disaster.The map featured below is apart of a disaster needs analysis, is provided by The Assessment Capacities Project (ACAPS).

It reflects hotspots around the globe where people are displaced as a consequence of natural and man-made disasters. It is a busy time in the world of disaster response and recovery

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Disaster Response & Recovery Goals

  • help improve global/international response to disaster through rapid evaluation of humanitarian needs;
  • coordinate, collaborate and synchronize with humanitarian actors;
  • to increase access to and therapeutic support for those impacted by disaster;
  • create opportunity and resolution of losses experienced during a disaster event;
  • help prevent sexual assault and human trafficking during the aftermath of a disaster;
  • reduce social and economic vulnerability by increasing awareness, education and innovation.

You can help by donating first aid supplies, which are urgently needed immediately following a disaster.






Global Estimates 2012

  • 32.4 million displaced due to disaster
  • 98% of displacement in 2012 was due to disasters
  • Over the past five years 81% of global displacement occurred in Asia

CDDS believes disaster is the leading cause of displacement around the world.


Stats taken from: Global Estimates, (Internal Displacement Monitoring Centre, IDMC )