Disaster Human Services

Human Dignity


Disaster does not discriminate. It can strike anywhere and at any time impacting the vulnerable and “invincible” alike. The sudden onset, intensity and duration of a disaster warrants human response and intervention. Recovery, whether short-term or long-term involves specialized human services to help restore life and dignity.

CDDS recognizes the dramatic impact disaster and displacement can have and subsequently work diligently and efficiently to help people who needed most after a disaster. In addition, we recognize that this goal requires collaboration with other agencies, governments, businesses and NGOs whom we welcome as partners for the good and healing of the community.

Our human service includes responding to the needs of those who are disabled and living in institutional settings, elderly, members of the community who are from other cultures and others who are disadvantage due to the lack of transportation and other critical resources.


The sudden onset of disaster, whether natural or man-made can precipitate degradation and disintegration at depths and duration that extinguishes the spirit and dignity of some survivors. Subsequently, we strive to provide therapeutic services to address psychological trauma and restore wholeness to individuals.
Disaster case management is available to help clients assess needs created by the disaster; to create and navigate recovery plans; organize and coordinate adequate resources. We understand that the recovery process is overwhelming at times and requires unwavering commitment. It is our goal to remain with clients throughout the recovery process. 
In many cases, the recovery period is much longer than anticipated or preferred. Food and other basic necessities remain pertinent well after the initial fallout from the disaster. We work diligently with partners and other stakeholders to ensure that the basic needs of survivors are met throughout the recovery process.