Emergency Assistance

Evacuees from Serbian town of Obrenovac are seen lying on beds in a shelter hall in Belgrade

Photo Credit: RT


Disasters can be so devastating that the needs of the victims reach well beyond those targeted in Mass Care. To ensure that every individual, family and community needs are addressed beyond the onset of the event, emergency assistance is often necessary to help protect and restore life. Typically, emergency assistance includes support to evacuations, reunification of families, additional provision of aid and services to special needs populations, additional sheltering and other emergency services.



Mass evacuations requires multi-agency effort to move people out of harms wayEvacuation buses or remove survivors from a disaster impact zone.   Our goal is provide support for  timely evacuations during emergencies and after disaster impact.

Children after a disaster The separation of families after a disaster exasperate the trauma already experienced by survivors. We support the reunification of families by providing registration and tracking services for evacuees.