Mass Care

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Large scale disasters in heavy populated areas can trigger the urgent need for mass care support. As defined by the National Response Framework (NRF), mass care includes sheltering, feeding operations, emergency first aid, bulk distribution of emergency items, and collecting and providing information on victims to family members. Catastrophic events can easily overwhelm communities and government at every level necessitating a collaborative response from all emergency responders, organizations,  humanitarian actors  and/or members of the community.

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We support large scale emergency first aid by providing supplies necessary to delivery critical care to those impacted by disasters. Large scale disasters often require support beyond what is typically provided by one agency or organization
The sudden and unpredictable magnitude of some disasters warrant multi-agency response that will immediately reduce human suffering commonly associate with such disasters. We provide and support bulk distribution of humanitarian aid to victims in the disaster zone.
The initial onset of a disaster is often chaotic in and outside of ground zero. The precipitous of tension and anxiety over the condition of loved ones is as significant as the event itself. Our goal is to relieve these emotions by rapidly colleting and providing information on victims to next of kin.