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Addressing displacement requires a multidimensional approach that identifies and responds to persistent disease and illness among displaced populations. War, political conflict, and the aftermath of disasters create indigent living conditions that elevate exposure to diseases and other health risks.

These issues are often compounded during displacement due to poor and pervasive living conditions found in several refugee camps. Although refugees are screened prior to leaving the camps, many of them have precursors to illnesses that surface later in their host society.

“On average, more than 50,000 refugees relocate to the United States annually. They come from diverse regions of the world and bring with them health risks and diseases common to all refugee populations as well as some that may be unique to specific populations.” -Center for Disease Control, (CDC)

Sample  screening process (Bhutanese Refugees) is as follow:

The Visa Medical Examination happens first and is a screening for inadmissible health conditions.  The Pre-Departure Medical Screening happens 3 weeks before departure.  The Fit to Fly Pre-Embarkation Checks happens 24-48 hours before departure and includes presumptive treatment of intestinal parasites.                                                                                                                         (Image Credit: CDC)


CDDS Health Screening Process

Health Screening

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In an attempt to address health related challenges associated with displacement, CDDS will host its first annual Health Screening Initiative in Summer of 2014.

Stay tuned!