Women’s Homeless Initiative


There are many faces and reasons for homelessness or displacement. CDDS, Inc. makes every attempt to respond to and facilitate recovery from displacement. We see homelessness as a form of displacement and recognize that women and children living in this predicament are vulnerable to rape, human trafficking, other criminal acts. In addition, the psychological impact can be profound and life changing.

In 2014, CDDS, Inc. will collaborate with the Women’s Homeless Initiative hosted at the First Baptist Church of Denver. Our effort provides additional support in the form of volunteers and needed supplies for women attending shelters provided by the Women’s Homeless Initiative.




WHI SymbolThe Women’s Homelessness Initiative

First Baptist Church of Denver hosts up to twenty women who are homeless,

2nd and 4th Fridays of each month. 


Facts about Women and Homelessness



Cold, Alone, Unsafe … NOW!!!

There are more and more women sleeping on our Denver streets, in very dangerous situations.



Overnight Shelter is Needed Now for people who are Homeless in Metro Denver


  •  Due to the economy more people have moved into poverty and homelessness.
  •  Women and women with children who are homeless are becoming a fast growing population.
  • There are fewer beds for women and women with children who are homeless than for any other population.
  •  Women are the invisible homeless population.
  •  Many of our women are seniors.
  •  Without shelter, the homeless become frostbitten in the cold months and are more vulnerable to abuse, grave illness and death in all seasons.
  •  A recent count found more than 800 women in the Denver Metro area who would be considered homeless on a given night. 
  • There are fewer than 150 shelter beds that exist for Women in the Denver Metro area.
  • Shelters around the city have been overfilled for many years.
  •  Efforts to organize permanent shelter sites have not been adequate to the need. 
  •  Women are at particular risk of violence and abuse on the streets. 


The Women’s Homelessness Initiative, coordinated through Capitol Hill United Ministries, is a consortium of churches offering overnight sanctuary every night of the week for women who are homeless. (host sites: St; John’s Cathedral, Park Hill United Methodist, Cleaves CME, St. Ignatius Loyola, Montview Presbyterian, 10:30/Capitol Heights Pres, St. Barnabas, St. Andrew’s,  First Baptist Church of Denver, Corona Presbyterian, Open Door Fellowship)